I even question myself. Why girls always make things complicated? Why they really mind the matters that guys don’t bother about? Finally, I came to an answer. They are naturally sensitive-gifted. The least a girl or a woman does, is caring for someone she devoted to. Doesn’t care who’s that; her lover, friends, husband, children, parents or whoever they are. She will do whatever it takes to keep the person she loves to stay close to her and watch over them even if she has to sacrifice her owns. But, they are some people don’t understand compassion. They told her not to overreact or dramatize. Hey. Girls are souls with feelings; not dolls that you can toss away after bored playing with them!

We don't talk anymore

Know that a woman is a person that born with a big heart but yet sensitive and fragile. Why did I say fragile? Women can’t seize the intense burdens as men always do. That’s why they cried. Each fall of the tears has their own story that cannot be told by words. Even she can’t explain that. The things she said just a quarter of her true feelings. When a girl or woman cried for you, that means her feelings are too deep and bottomless. When you hurt them, it’s hard to cure. The wounds will be healed but the scars are still there.

Don’t blame the girls when they turn out to be ‘misdirected’. I love to metaphor something. Girls are like a double-edged sword. You used it wisely, it will be a great weapon to prevail over anything that comes your way but once you abuse of it, it will slash yours. Choosing a right partner is just like choosing the right katana. Let say you’ve found fine looking katana, that doesn’t mean it suits you. If you failed to wield it, don’t be surprised if the katana cut your throat.

So, care for her as she does to you. Once you let her go, really regrettable of you because you’re already losing someone who will never give up on you.