Ehem *clear throat*

My last entry was dated 11th February 2010. Today is the 30th of August 2017. It’s been a while. After 7 years, I reopen my blog. I have to admit, my writing skill a bit -NO. I must say, rusty. Forgive for my errors. My grammar mistakes. Etc. I need to read-listen-write a lot in order to back on track. I really want to do this.

There are a lot of things happened to me for 7 years period. Slowly I will recap and share something meant to be share. My stories. My thought. Anything. Even no one to read about it. But I don’t care. All I want is to practice & keep improving. Perhaps one day, I might write a book. Who knows? Heheh. I know there are some people out there will underestimate me. But before you do, please look at yourself. Have you done enough to fulfill your goal? Or you just sit there and judge people?Ā