Most people tell you, go and learn something new. Sound very amusing and positive, right? Talk about the benefits of learning so on so forth. But, what most people don’t tell you is this: learning hurts.

WHY learning hurts if you ask me. Here what I understand and allow me to simplify the fact for you.

Stage 1: At this point, you don’t realize how little you know. You are excited! So eager to start. Your naive enthusiasm will create the energy to learn new things. But beware, here comes the real struggle.
Eg: You want to learn to drive a car. So excited about it. Can’t wait to start so soon.
Stage 2: You’ve been told, to start you need to prepare this and that. Familiar yourself with new terms, new tools, books, instructions, safety. This is the moment you realize how little you know. Usually, people get annoyed and hunt for ways to justify stopping. Get used to this feeling. Push on. The only way is through. You are making something happen – from scratch.
Eg: driving manually is harder than I thought! How I want to control the car and at the same time I need to focus on changing gear. I just can’t!
Stage 3: This stage is tiring because of the attention required to do the task you’re learning. But – Well done! If you are still here, you pass the hard bit. Your learning starts to pay off. It seems harder at first, but after you’ve done some mistakes and find your way to correct them – it was easier than you thought. You’re glad you do not give up so soon. But you’re still some way from mastery. What to do: Keep practicing.
Stage 4: You’ve been through the hard bit and spent enough time to practice. You are able to do the task well. The key to reaching this stage is practice.
Eg: You drive for long hours. You can drive well now. In fact, you even find yourself doing it without thinking about it. It comes naturally. Just compare that to when you start to learn driving a manual car!

Learning is painful sometimes – especially when we realize how little we know. How we respond to the hard bit of learning – is crucial to your success. Everything can be learned. Have faith in your ability. Notice what’s going on. Choose to have fun and move forward, you will succeed gloriously.