Just when the last time I update my blog? It’s September 2017. 1 year ago! Hahaha! Never mind. It’s always good to be back again.

I’m not an enthusiastic blogger. Even though I write my first entry on 10 February 2010 I rarely write anything. I wonder why?

There is something that triggered me to write again. Actually, I already started a few months ago. But I don’t expose my works into the public. I treat it as a brain exercise. It’s hard at first. In order to overcome my mental blocks, I just keep writing. My current progress is roughly 11, 000 words. Write hard and be clear about what hurts and what heals me. That’s it.

I hope this time I can be much more consistent. I may not be able to write every day. Spend 30 minutes per session is fair enough. I just want to put my thoughts into words and share what I learned through the years.

It’s true.

Writing can be so hard when you try to convey your message in a right way so people can get what you want to talk about. In fact, at this moment, I’m stuck. I have so many things want to share with you guys, but I need to carefully plan my storyline.

My story is all about my progress towards my dreams. About the various people that I met inspired me to do what I dream to do. For example, write a blog about art. A friend of mine, Sunah Mohammad; A Food Blogger (I think. Hihi) She is the one that initiated me to re-start this blog. You can find detail about her blog here:  http://www.sunahsukasakura.com/

Or how I learn to take a nice photo from Product Photographer – Balkizz Sulaiman. Later I write more detail about her doings and what I learn from her.

For now, I want to keep this as simple as I can. As much as I want to improve myself, please forgive all the English sentences I made. I’m learning here. Its take a lot of bad writing to get to a little good one. Agree?

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