I start to learn painting using acrylic paints early this year. Now I want to try oil paints.

Linseed Oil & Turpentine

I bought this two items: Linseed Oil and Turpentine as to prepare myself to learn oil painting. I’m not sure if I bought the right chemicals or not, but from what I googled, I found that both of them, are the necessary solutions for oil painting.
Google told me that Linseed oil:
1. Also known as Flax Oil.
2. Can be obtained by pressing the ripened seed and followed by solvent extraction.
3. Can be used as its own or blended it with the combination of other oil.
4. It also can be polymerized into solid form.
5. An edible oil as a nutritional supplement.
What is the relationship between linseed oil with oil painting?
– Linseed oil acts as a pigment binder. Can be used as a painting medium.
It makes oil paints more fluid, transparent and glossy. But with time, it has a tendency to yellow the paint.
Ok. Let’s move on to Turpentine. What I found about this chemical:
6. Also known as the spirit of turpentine
7. Obtained by the distillation of resin from live trees, mainly pines.
8. Used as a solvent & source of materials for organic synthesis.
What is the relationship between turpentine with oil painting?
– Also painting medium. Used to thin ordinary oil paints. Make the oil paint easier to control (evenly distribute over canvas)
– To wash oil paint brushes that had hardened slightly.
– Can be mixed with linseed oil with 1:1
So, to test these theories, I need to experiment it by mixing it with oil paints. As a beginner, I need to test them for myself in order to understand more about this.
If you have more opinions or have comments about this topic, please share with me. Thanks!

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