“Be your BIGGEST COMPETITOR. Challenge yourself each day to be better than you were yesterday”

💃Kiki challenge.
🌟Falling star challenge.

Or anything you can find these days rallying momentum and has been spreading around the world like crazy, via social media. When somebody started it, there will be some people will follow it. Luckily, this kind of phenomenon is just a temporary. 😅

Now, I took the idea and try to make it my own. Actually, this is not my original idea, because I already saw somebody did it. I just love the idea and named it after my name.


OK, what it is that make me proudly put my own name on it. First, this challenge is nothing like you’re jumping out from a moving vehicle and dance along on the road. Or you intentionally fall as dramatic as they can be.  This challenge is something I have to do in order to improve my current level. FOCUSING ON ME. 


I am a beginner. I have done some creative works for 4 years already. This is a phase where; I make stuff, but I feel not really impressive one. I tried to be good at it and thought I got the potential. But the taste of my works, still a killer to me. That is why sometimes I feel disappointed with myself.

A lot of people, never get past this phase, they quit. I don’t want to be a quitter. I keep telling myself this is a normal phase. As I mentioned in my previous blog before, discussing LEARNING PROCESS: (Read about it NO PAIN NO GAIN) Creative works need to get through years of this process. 

All I have to do is DO A LOT OF WORK. The question is how. What are the methods I will use?

Simple. I challenge myself simply draw anything for a certain period.

This was my original plan. Draw in 100 days.

But, perhaps 100 days is too long and I’m afraid I can’t complete it. So, I reduce to 30 days. If I manage to complete the 30 days, I will continue to 60, 90 and finally 100 days of completion. InshaAllah.

In order to do this, I set up a few rules for me to follow. Why I need the rules anyway? I create this challenge and why bother to set up rules? I will tell you later.


  1. I must bring my sketchbook everywhere.
  2. I must draw from the real object/scene.
  3. No photoshoot.
  4. Strictly to one medium only (pencil/ball pen)
  5. No skip. Once stop, start all over again. (the hardest rule)

At first, I thought the 5th rule was the hardest. But when I revise the rules again, the 3rd rule I have to make an exception. Why?


Draw from the real scene/object can be so intimidating. If I can not “read” my subject well and unable to translate it into a drawing properly, my sketch probably out of its place. So, I still need to take a photo of my subject and refer to it accordingly. But in order to meet my objectives, I can not depend too much on a photo. I must use my own eyes to observe the real object/scene. Until I am independent enough to draw without using a photo as my reference.


The objectives are pretty straightforward. No fancy word.

💪 To break my limit.
💪 To discipline me.
💪 To train my eyes.
💪 To improve my drawing skill.
💪 To develop my drawing habit.

 I choose Mars Lumograph Black Pencil with different grades and 12.7×17.8 cm sketchbook for this purpose

I already start this challenge. Today is my 2nd day to be exact. I hope I can be consistent with this. Otherwise, I have to begin all over again if I skip for 1 day. I am not going to share my current progress until I manage at least 7 different drawings. I want to apply everything I have learned so far. Maybe in this practice, I am able to understand & explore more the elements of art.

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“It is only by going through a volume of work that I will be able to close the gap. It’s going to take awhile. I have just to fight my way through.”

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