For you to understand this particular matter, let me be clear:

It takes time. It takes patience.
It takes everything you have got. 

In order to be found, you have to be findable. An easy way of putting the work out there and making it discoverable while you’re focused on getting really good at what you do. 

But the question is, HOW?

Sharing your work routine. WORK IN PROGRESS is a never-ending process.

There is nothing wrong about BE OPEN when you work hard. Instead of doing it in secrecy and hoarding your work, you can consistently post bits and pieces of your work, ideas, what you have learned online or offline. 

When you share about your work in progress, at the beginning of the process, perhaps nobody or just a few people interested with what you are doing. Then you shared the final result/product of your hard work, people will notice with what you have done. Slowly, you will gain an audience that you can use maximum advantage when you need it. For partnership, feedback or support. 

Do not set your mind, ‘I did this because I want to make money. I want people to buy it’

Change your mindset.

I did this because I love it & never regretted the time I spent on it.

I did this because I feel happy & excited.

I did this because I want to inspire people and to see it turn into a reality!

When you are consistently doing this, eventually people will notice about you. They want to know who you really are. They want to know what you are doing. They feel curious about your next moves – especially your competitors. Eventually, sharing your WORK IN PROGRESS in a way that attracts people who might be interested in what you do.


Let me give an example from my own experience.

When I start off, I have to deal with the problems of failure. Not every piece of my artwork will be accepted or people will like it. I have to accept that I may put hundreds of efforts/messages in my artwork, but only get a small token of appreciation, commission, money or love. 

How my work in progress looks like:

1. I share the 1st draft. Just enough 1 picture. I tell people what I will do for my next project.  Just write a simple caption about the photo. For example: 

1st draft. Not sure how long I will take to finish this, but I hope before the end of this December

2. Share about the progress if the process of doing it takes a long time. Just 2 – 4 pictures are enough. If you have to take video, edit it and use time lapse. 1- 3 minute is enough. Longer than that, people will get bored. For example: 

3. Share the final product/result, use 1-4 pictures, 1 photo for the product with props, 2 photos showing the details of the product and the final one is the picture of the product taken without any props. 


4. Promote your final product. Set link to where you sell your product either on Facebook/Website/Instagram/Lazada/Shopee/Amazon or Etsy. 

To shop on Etsy, click here: 


5. Repeat 4 steps above with other product/service. 


  • Human beings want to know where things came from. How they are made. Who made them. The stories you tell about your work, have a huge effect on how people feel and what they understand about your work. When people can feel and understand about your work, it affects how they value it.

  • You want to be more effective when sharing yourself and your work you need to become a better storyteller. You need to know what a good story and how to tell one. Of course, with a series of practice.

Note: You got no choice but to read a lot in order to write properly. Start simple. 

  • Try to avoid telling about gossip, virals unless it beneficial to others. Do not spread negativity or hatred. Share more about creating awareness and encourage people to be kind. Know your core. If you want to be known as an expert in your field, pay attention to what you post in social media. 60-80% of your postings are talking more about the path you’re taking. 
  • Be open. Just share imperfect and unfinished work that you want feedback on. BUT don’t share absolutely everything. Don’t worry about everything you post being perfect. It’s important to get things in front of others and see how they react.
  • Else, just a nice sharing about your personal life, like your family, your kid, your spouse, meeting with an old good friend. But play it nicely. Do not talk too much about personal matter. It is enough only people know that you are not a loner. If you want to be accepted by a community, you have to be a good citizen of that community. This thing is about heart and mind. Not eyeballs. 

  • Be thoughtful.
  • Be considerate.
  • Be a connector.


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