Today, my parcel arrived at my office. 3 weeks, I’ve been patiently waiting for these to arrive. I always purchase art materials from Arterial: beside Huanyo: and Ginflash:

And for these, I ordered from Arterial via Shoppee. These bigger canvases are not really THAT big, but this 50×70 cm, 50×50 cm & 60×80 cm are sizes that I am going to use after this for my painting work. btf

The best thing about receiving a parcel from postman, it felt like your were receiving a gift.
The best thing about receiving a parcel from postman is it felt like you received a gift. Though you were the one that ordered it paid for it via online.
Among the canvases stock in my possession.

I know its hard to find time to do my artwork. I need to write for my blog, manage my page, do a lot of research and experiments. Plus my office work. I have a lot of stuff going on. I have these great ideas. All I have to do is hard work to execute my ideas and release them out into the world. Coming to win, lose or draw. I know it may succeed, sometimes it fails, and more often than not, it does nothing at all.  

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