Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? -Bob Marley.

I always ask about this to myself.

What I really want to do in my life, actually?

“Knowing the answers will help you in the school.

Knowing how to question will help you in life.”


I dream to work as a full-time artist and creator. After all, I have been trained professionally as a water chemist. From my school days, chemistry is one of my ‘A’ scored subjects. I am not really good at the subject, but I know how to answer some questions during the exam. Same goes during my 1st job interview. But if you asked me some complicated chemical reactions; I will give you a blank expression. That’s the truth. I can tell you some basic concept about chemistry, but if we go deeper into a certain topic, I’m floated.

But I am glad. I pushed myself hard enough until I reach this point, and at this particular phase, I met another turning point. While I stood in front of a mirror, I found a passion that deeply hidden on the other side of the mirror. I saw a reflection that longing to resurface into this world.

I know school is where people go to learn a profession. A profession is a responsible and respectable thing to do acquire. I learned that and I am really thankful. Now, I have a secure job but there is one big hollowed space need to be fulfilled. My love for art & creation.

But art is not a profession, in the manner of regular professions. There is no job security in creativity and there never will be. If I go full-time as an artist and creator, I have to build a strong brand first which required massive hours and hard works. It will take some time to build my brand. I know, an artist doesn’t immediately find professional success. It’s a tough decision and it’s including uncertainty.

I am on the right path now. I still manage to pay my monthly bills, perform my regular chemist jobs, maintain my public relations and create various connections to people. At the same time, I build my passion brick by brick.

This is a strong and clear message revolving around what I’m about, and begin to build a tribe that consistently in love the work I’m putting out into the world.

© 2019 Cha Niki