Yeah. Sure.

Inspiration can come in many forms. The idea to write this post came in the middle I was preparing a lunch box for my husband. That cheeky lil’ fella. (I mean, a boy name IDEA) He came to me when I least expected. ‘Oh my. Can you wait for a while? I’m cooking here!’

Luckily my phone was not far from me. I drafted the first sentences and the words were flowing in. So many things came out but then I had to stop. The flow was interrupted. Why? Because I need to get ready for work.

I’m begging, ‘Dear words, can you stay for a while? I realize that I’m losing you.’ By the time I sit in front of my screen, I look for them somewhere hidden in my head. The feeling is not the same anymore. The traces they left behind were getting faded. They play hide and seek with me! I must calm down, and listen to the tiny voices. To lure them back and play with you is not an easy task.

When I read BIG MAGIC: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, she said that, when she felt like she was falling in love, or had alarming news or was looking over a precipice at something beautiful and mesmerizing but dangerous, she knew what was going on. Such an intensely emotional and physiological reaction happened to her and she believes she can confidently call it by its name: INSPIRATION.

I think that was happening to me. It also might happened to you too. Have you experienced something like these? 

While taking shower, suddenly the idea that you think so hard – came to you. While you do laundry or tidying up your messy desk. You found an old item and you want to give it a new look. Or, just before you sleep?

‘Dude! I’m here. Take me. Cook me. Give me your shot before I left.’

Elizabeth called this creative process both magical and magic. Our planet not only inhabited by humans, animal, plant, bacteria, viruses but also – ideas. Ideas or inspiration completely separated from us, but they live among us. Idea – it safe to say that they are like energetic life-form (like electric energy) and capable to interact with us. They are blending with our surrounding. The idea meant to be manifested. The only way to make these ideas visible and turn them into reality is by collaborating with a human partner.

Today, I’m inspired to write about it. To get an idea, I must understand what an idea is all about. In our language (Malay language) we can call an idea as ILHAM. Also, we believe that Ilham was given by God, Allah. Allah gave instructions to Ilham, to become the partner with human, whoever seeks for them. Through human’s effort, Ilham can be guided out from our surrounding into the realm of the actual. This morning, Ilham pay a visit and try to get my attention while I’m preparing breakfast. I love to think of Ilham as a child.

“Mommy, what are you doing? Today, I want you to write about me.”

Then he flew again before I manage to grab the whole of its “body”.

While I’m writing this, I know he was standing behind my conscious mind, whispering the words I needed to write. Though I can’t technically express them in better form of writing, I will always find a way to improve and open the door for Ilham to return to me again. Thanks, boy.


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