The Power of Pleasure Reading.

Yesterday, I read about two chapters from the book “Effortless English by A.J Hoge.” One of them was Chapter 17: The Power of Pleasure Reading and the other one was Chapter 18: The Secret to Good English Writing.

In this part one, I am going to share about Chapter 17.

The KEY to improve your English reading is to read books (in English) that interesting and fairly easy for you.

For example, you love to read comic books, then you read your favorite comic books in English. If you love to read romance, then you should pick easy books about romance.

How to Improve on Your Reading Comprehension

  1. You read a few pages each day. On a calendar, put the number of pages you read. Continue for the next day. Read a little more. The goal is to read more pages that you read in the previous week.
  2. Always begin with something you love to read. When you finish the first book, read another in the series. Continue reading books in the series until you have completed all of them
  3. Choose reading materials that are extremely interesting to you and the ones you can read without the use of a dictionary.

I love to read comic books since I was a kid. I begin with simple English. I read books that are designed for young adults. The more compelling material, the faster my reading will become and the faster it will improve.

I also love to read self-help books. One of my favorite books is Mars and Venus Starting Over by John Gray. The reason I read that book was, I broke up with an ex-boyfriend. I wanted to know, was there anything I can do to save the relationship. But the truth is, I actually save myself.

From there, I look for the other authors. Like Stephen Covey, Austin Kleon, Leil Lowndes, Holly Bourne, Martin Amor, Marcus Buckingham, Julia Cameron, Jack Canfield, Wade Cutler, Angela Duckworth, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jim Green, Daniel Kahneman and many more.

I also learned, the best approach to pleasure reading is to combine with listening. When you listen and read at the same time, you “kill two birds with one stone”. You accomplished two goals at the same time.

  • Improve listening skill.
  • Improve reading ability.

If possible, get the audiobook version of the book you are reading. By doing this, you will automatically learn the correct pronunciation of new words you encounter.

I know, to purchase both book and audiobook on the same title can be too expensive. My other option is, I love to watch English movies. Every night during dinner time, my husband and I watch any new English movie downloaded from the internet. Or we just repeat to watch the same movie 2/3 times if the movie seems interesting to us.

I also got a few movies that I love to watch more than 10 times already. Usually like musical films or animation films. Like Pitch Perfect, The Greatest Showman, Zootopia, Moana etc.

I will set the English subtitle. If I don’t understand what the actors talked about, I will backward the scene and reread the subtitle until I feel satisfied what were they tried to convey. This process is the best way for me to learn English casual speech by listening to copies of actual conversations.

– Chapter 18 will be continued here.

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