Sit together with a bunch of great artists from the various backgrounds can be such an overwhelming experience. I felt so small. But the good thing is, they were willing to share their knowledge and experience with me.

I met a young teacher. She teaches mathematics in her school. Even though she has a degree in art. She showed her artworks to me. Wow! All of them looked so great! I asked her about her feeling teaching mathematics. She told me she felt stressed. Her passion lies in art but she unable to practice it. I understand really well.

Not all of the members were coming for the meeting because some of them have work to do. Still, we glad we can make it happen. We were discussing our official launching ceremony for our association. Our official name for the association is Persatuan Pelukis Seni Visual Miri.  The original plan was supposed to be on 30th March 2019. But with so many things are going to happen on incoming March, we have to change the date to the first week of April. Which probably on 6th and 7th of April 2019. We are going to invite a few VIPs as well. One thing that Cikgu Noel said to us made me felt nervous was; we need to demonstrate our skill in front of the VIPs when they visit our exhibition.

Now we are in small numbers of members. I feel so lucky to be in this group. We will grow, one step at a time.  I will take this opportunity to learn as much as I can from the experts and improve my artwork.

I also learn a few tips from them. Especially about how to preserve and protect painting work from damage. We also agreed that we will meet sometime to do live paintings together. Oh, I can’t wait for it to happen. Even though I don’t have much time to hone my skill, but at least I have some progress, even if it small. I will take my time.

Visiting artwork booth

Alright, guys! In my next blog, I’m going to share my latest piece of artwork. Stay tuned!