Seasons in the Sun

My friend texted and asked me, to teach her how to create seashells painting work. Here, I explain in more detail. It required a lot of practice and do not worry too much. The first thing you need is, the willingness to learn and explore. 

Seasons in the Sun

  1. Basically, you need:

2. Others: Canvas, Acrylic Paints and a looot of patience.

3. First, plan the arrangement. Think of a theme/story. It will guide your style of painting. I was inspired by the word “Ohana”.

“OHANA means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” – Lilo & Stitch

This canvas actually already been used. I gesso it to cover the old painting.
This canvas has already been used. I gesso it to cover the old unfinished painting work.

4. Prepare the background. This is the hardest part. Take your time. If you a beginner, choose a simple background.

If you notice, there’s a rough texture on it. I used white sand and white glue to create effects. I used a lot of glue on this part. You also can use acrylic paint to glue the white sand. Paint first, then sprinkle the white sand on it. Use the “impasto” technique in order to create a deeper impression.

You may use the hot air gun for faster drying.  But in my case, I just leave it for one day. Just to make sure the glue and paints were fully dried.

5. While waiting for the paints fully dried, you can begin by preparing the starfish and paint the seashells. I forgot to mention, I used air hardening white clay to make them. After that, I leave them outside. Luckily at my place, the sunny weather has been a great assistant to me in order to produce this.

6. After the painted seashells and the starfish ready, you can start to glue them on the canvas.

Please be careful while handling hot glue.

7. It might seem unperfect and you didn’t like the overall look. But, do not give up yet. Wait for the glue fully dried. Then, you can fix them.

To create the sun effect, I painted a few times until I satisfied with the entire look.

8. Finally, you can use Kurobushi clear spray to enhance the color and protect the seashells from degrading. I leave them to be fully dried while I went for work.

Morning sunbathing

9. The result:

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To think of the title, I looked at the sun. My seashells are enjoying their sunbathing, right. I remembered a Westlife song title:  “Seasons in the Sun”

“They eternally enjoy their summer season.”

I hope you enjoy and find my post useful. If you have anything to ask, just let me know. Or maybe you want to share some useful tips with me, please be my guest.  Thanks!

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