Inspired by this perception, and triggered by a question from a fellow artist:

“Do you guys have any sort of rituals that get you motivated again when you’re out of ideas for what to draw? My creativity seems to have vanished lately and I don’t like it.”

I decided to write about it. Thank you for giving me the idea. I didn’t write anything for the past few days.

Have you ever feel, your creativity left you and you out of ideas to create something? Out of idea to write anything? Out of idea to produce artwork?

Why do you think it happened? You think, your creativity didn’t love you? It came to you, didn’t it? It drew itself near. It worked itself into you, asking for your attention and your devotion. Creativity filled you with aΒ desire to make and do interesting things. Creativity wanted a relationship with you. Creativity wanted to make love with you.

But why some talented people treat their creative process like a war zone? Acted like there are such severe casualties, despair, and darkness. I understand the reality of suffering to deliberately seek out artistic authenticity. Without a doubt, there are many creative souls out there who suffer from depression or feeling breakdown.

Once, I was like that. Thank God, I survive from that miserable battle, after one year feeling lost and useless.

I believe you can live a creative life. Creativity supposed to make us feel safe, happy and fulfilled. If creativity legitimates cruelty, then it’s not worth having. Do you think that creativity went through all the troubles, breaking your mind just because it wanted to kill you? It doesn’t make sense right?

Your suffering is your personal devils. If it takes over our mind, you can feel your creativity angels leave you. You begin to lose your touch. Everything seems not okay. Your goal is, to fight back against your pain, suffering, and depression. REORGANIZE your life to a healthy state and stable as it can possibly be.

So, the key to maintain the thriving state is, be consistent and persistent in your progress. Even if you force yourself to make bad creation or you produce horrible writing. You feel stuck and unable to strive forward.

Question yourself.

WHY you want to do all the stuff?

Have you done that? Have you found the answer? If you know the answer to your Biggest and Strongest Why, you are capable of overcoming any difficulty. If not, no matter how complete your resources are (time, money, tools), you still not do it.

An ideaΒ means to be visible. An idea is a Seed provided by nature. We, as the Man provide a healthy mind and good spirit for the idea to grow and bring it forth.

Put your immense effort to an idea to turn it a reality, increase the volume of work. Aim for the quantity 1st. Then your chances to get noticed by people will increase. Your creative skills will be improved, and it is directly proportional to the quality of your work.

People will critic about your work. Don’t take those negative comments too personally. The negative vibes from these people are one of your personal devils. And your desire is to engage with your creativity as intimately and freely as possible.


Β©Cha Niki. 2019