britto1I called them escaped drawings because I need to do something else before I continue to work on my client’s request. Because of this problem; my hands trembled and unable to control my brush properly. My painting seems off. That is why I need to “retreat” before I make more damage to the painting.

[09.03.2019] Pencil Drawing Mix Gouache Paints. I love this piece especially the tiger’s part. Hehe. I spend more than 5 hours working on it.
[06.03.2019] Gouache Painting. I used 4 techniques. Splattering. Dashes. Stippling. Directional lines.
[04.03.2019] Graphite, Charcoal Drawing. Judging from this piece, I need to practice a lot of symmetrical drawing to make both side (right and left) balance.

[03.03.2019] Pencil Color Drawing, Graphite, Artline Pen. This is where I start to focus more on the details of its face.

[19.02.2019] Gouache Painting. This is my 1st attempt using Gouache media.

Art speaks where words are unable to explain.

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