In every job you do, there is an Element of Fun; LEARNING

I violated my own rules. I skip far too long not write anything in my blog. I done so many things last week and this week; from settle my reports, designed posters for our program, went to site, making videos. My blog not updated, my Instagram not updated. Barely post anything in my Facebook. I don’t know why I’ve been like this. Too tired maybe? Perhaps its sound like I’m making excuses, eh?

Last week I start to learn making a video. Making my 1st appearance in a video. It take a lot of effort plus, I am not a type of person that love to see my own face in a video. But I have to break the uncomfortable. I got everything I need. The tools, so it such a wasted if i don’t make full use of them. All I need is courage.

I begin with self introduction and share where I spend my time to do my artwork. It’s not easy for me to take the shot at the beginning. After done it for multiple times, its getting easier. Then, I edit it using Movavi Video Editor. I posted it in my Facebook and YouTube channel (which I joined in Oct. 2011).

Its a non English video.

Definitely not a perfect video. But I just posted it anyway. At last, I break the ice.

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