design-02Which is better? To work hard or to work smart?

Some people will say, work smart.

I wonder why. How exactly the mechanism of working smart?

This question strikes me hard. I tried to think of the reasons and I can’t give myself the good answer. Perhaps you can help me to clarify the fact.

I believe, in order to work smart to make something, you need to plan first, right? The planning itself, require a lot of thinking process. It’s not a physical process but to get all the input – in order to produce a good plan, you still need to work hard isn’t it?

To obtain the valuable information you need, you carefully choose the thing that necessity and cross out the excessive things. Then lay out the possible plans (plan A, plan B, plan C, so on) in front of you and choose the best and the smart plan to work with.

So no matter how you see it, if you plan to work smart, you won’t be able to avoid working hard, guys.

Great gains take time. Be patient and work hard every single day.

The way I see it, hard work is a smart move. Hard work can act as a turbo charger. If you plan to chase anything, (your dreams, your goals, your aims) you are going to sacrifice precious, non-refundable TIME. You might want this turbo charger.

What do you think of this? To work hard or to work smart?

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