Previously, why did I asked you, which is better, to work hard or work smart?

I believe you have your own answer. But let me tell you something that you might to consider your answer. I am not going to change your opinion. I am here to share the new insight; perhaps the next time someone asked you about this, you can give an answer that make people think seriously about their work.

I only bring this up, because I have spent for almost five years to learn anything I want to learn. From drawing, sewing, tailoring, basic graphic design, doing makeup, business online, painting, writing, basic marketing, basic photography, baking, cooking – as long as it sparks joy. I will push myself to my limit.

But I am not an expert in everything I mentioned above. Most probably, I am an expert at average? Or I am just know-it-all.

IF a real measure of an expert can be calculated by the knowledge, duration, execution, and success of a single pursuit, then perhaps I am an expert in something. I am an expert at dreaming. Anything I dream to learn, whatever it takes I will make sure I taste it even if just a small bite.

We all have the right to dream – limitless. BUT dreams own the right to one limitation: TIME.


Without a commitment to become an expert, the chance of reaching goals and dreams is impossible, no matter how talented, skilled, or smart one might be.

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from successful one is a lot of HARD WORK. – Stephen King.

I learn the value of hard work by working hard. Few years ago, I tragically involved in road accident. I got few broken bones and undergo three time surgeries (Nov 2013, Aug 2014, Jan 2015) before be able to walk again. Took another three months in rehabilitation to regain my strength back. If I didn’t push myself hard enough, it will take at least six months for me to walk again.

Work requires effort. Hard work requires a motivation.

During my rehabilitation period, my greatest motivation is simple. I wanted to walk to bathroom without anyone supporting me. My arm was broken. My thigh was broken. How I supposedly to take care of myself without asking somebody? My greatest regret when I saw my mom and dad cried watching me struggle to learn to get up and walk. I can’t watch them cried because of me! The fastest way to recover is, I must hide my tears, work out every single day to strengthen my muscles, eat every single medicine and never complain.

I felt down, useless and caused inconvenience to everyone around me. Regardless of my weak condition, I learn to express myself through drawing. That’s the beginning of everything what I am doing today. A year in rehab, I learn to love myself again in the hardest way. At least, I feel that I am useful to myself. I am somebody in this reconstructed body.

I learn what hard work from my past tragedy. I also learn that, if you can love your reason for hard work, you will have every reason to work hard.

HARD WORK: Requires an unambiguous motivation, a compelling reason to engage in sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve a specific objective or result.

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