Hard work is an investment in time. Sometimes requires 24 hours service – in a row. You may want to take a shot at your dreams, but your dreams may not wait for you.

This is a reality that can’t be denied, isn’t it?

In the previous post, I mentioned we all have the right to dream limitlessly, and all dreams have one limitation: TIME.
For example. Taking a shot at a professional sport (such a badminton, squash) has an obvious time limit. You better get that one done before you lost the opportunity to reach your goal. Of course, not every dream will be as obvious, and the time you chase your dream can slip away. Indeed time is everything.

HARD WORK, however, ‘can slow the clock’ But no work does the opposite.

Time is a visitor. An acquaintance of the youth, a stranger to the fool, and a tool to the wise. Time can be a clever foe and unforgiving friend. In its passage, time can trick you; disguise itself and make you believe there is plenty of it. IF you smart and wise enough to work and outwit it. The question is how?How to outwit time? Can we really do that?

You need to understand the size and scope of your dream. Your desire and commitment to execute, and at what point in life (time) – they all connected for your dream to occur.

Put it simply, wait too long to chase your dream and time is your foe. Wait not at all, time is a friend.

Time is a life’s shot clock. You have to take your shot at what’s worth-while in your life before it runs out. This ticking clock, hold a certain variable value. The older we get, the more value we place on it.

To take your shot, its a simple concept. The harder and smarter you work, the more you get it done. The more effective you are with your work, the more compress the work itself, which in effect expands the time you have to work with.

Squeeze more out of time by doing more in time.

If you truly accept that, you possess the wisdom to work as hard as you can in the only time you have. You have to find the courage to put your dream on the table, sooner rather than later.

Aug 2014 – Dec 2015. After 4 months I sat on a wheelchair. I can’t walk because the steel inside my leg caused a painful reaction when I tried to straighten it. The doctor decided to remove the external implant and replace it with an internal fixator. January 2015. I remember, two or three days after final surgery, while I was still weak and bed sick, a therapist came to me. Asking me to get up, take my cane and learn to walk slowly. I shocked, “What?! B..but how?” I slowly move from my bed with support from a nurse. The urine drainage bag still intact. The doctor said, my leg muscle was so weak and shrink. I must learn to walk step by step right away. I cried so hard when I take first few steps. The 12-inch surgery scar on my thigh was so fucking hurt. My dad barely watched my condition. He went out for a while and leave me with the nurse and therapist. Days turn to weeks, turn to months on the rehab process. In May 2015, I return to work.

So, be careful, if you think you will do the hard work at a later time, you will learn the hard way that time is indeed clever.

Hard Work is a Friend of Time.

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