People write for many reasons. For me, I write to communicate my thoughts. I write to translate my thoughts and feelings into physical form – words.

Writing makes me feel calm. When I feel sad, angry, in pain, frustrated – I write about my feelings in my personal pages. That’s how I cool my head off. Let me be honest with you. I am not an avid reader. I don’t read blogs and books every day. I don’t always write. Writing, at this moment, I treat it as a practice and a way to release stress. If I want to push myself to write something, I must read to expand my ideas.

I realize when I stop reading; I lost the words to write. I have nothing useful to talk about. My page blank. Maybe I have something to say, but to spit them out – It takes time to spark the ‘ahaa!’ moment. But I write with emotions, the words seems flowing in with ease.


Writing will allow the reader an insight into your thoughts and feelings, a more personal view of who you are and let the reader feel they are part of a private conversation with you.

Have you felt you want to write something, but you stare long enough at the screen waiting for the first sentence to come out from your head? Yeah, it’s a struggle. Me. Every time wants to write a post.

Or, maybe you can start from – ask your heart. What are the things you sincerely care about? It must be authentic feeling because the reader will be able to tell if you are not sincere. When you give from the heart, it will come back to you.

If you know what you really care about, perhaps, next question you should ask is, “What are your stories that support things you care about?”

Stories are an incredibly powerful element in writing because stories are emotional. We love heroes and hate villains. It’s important because emotions create stronger memories and a deeper impression. When a story is designed to be strange, funny or highly emotional, it is even easier to remember.

I still learn how to use the element of the story to improve my writing skill. I really admire people who can tell great stories and make the reader personally attached to the writer. I watched and learned – what makes people love to comment on their post.

My blog is like a journal entry. I write whatever good topic cross in my mind. To find wonderful colors in writing will take years to master. That’s why I called my blog, painting of the voice.

So, what is kind of story you wish to write?

©Cha Niki. 2019