When people emotionally invested, they want to contribute.

What is Engagement?

Engagement involves a heart to heart connection with your partner, client, customer, audience or reader. It is based on two individuals having similar values, operating under an umbrella of mutual trust and respect.

In order to gain the trust and earn the respect, you have to project them first. Think about your interactions with friends, employees, clients, other associates. Think about the level of engagement that you are willing to allow in those relationships.

When we hold back and we don’t engage or we engage at the level we feel ‘just so’, we only get a limited reaction.

Engagement is one of those woolly areas that you can’t quite put your arms around. You can’t really measure it, don’t you? However, we still need to focus on it so we can improve things where possible.

You think of one person whom you deal with, it doesn’t matter who it is, the first person that come to your mind. Think about a relationship. You think of a simple friendship.

Engage with a friend is a two way street. When your reader, friend and clients want to engage with you, with all the communication tools available now, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Blogs, Email, they expect to find you and enter into a conversation with you. But if you ignore them, the chances of your friends and clients to get away from you are growing. You are losing them.

Remember, maintaining good relationship with your friends, will get you higher. Make more friends than enemies. The reason why you get well-known is, because you have friends. Be kind but always know where you stand. The enemies will talk bad things about you, but it will leave bad impression about you.

When someone take time to read your post and comment, they are engaging with you. Etiquette and common sense would dictate that you engage with them in right away or you risk alienating them.

No matter how busy you are, take time to engage with the reader in social media, especially with your old friends. Maybe you will feel annoyed with some of the comments, but at least be polite. You never know you may need them in future, or they will help you by telling the others about your good reputations. About your profile. By writing good post and comments, perhaps its not a popular way to get well known in social media, but its classic. And classic never get old and being forgotten. There are so many emojis, stickers and gifs available on the internet now. Use them if you don’t know what else to reply. Be kind and respectful.

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