Anonymity and identity are both extremely important parts of social media today. Social networks become more commonplace to visit.

Last night I think about this. I am not so sure about myself either. Do you use a pseudonym (pen name) or your real name? I use a pen name, Cha Niki. I am very much aware of the benefits of using the real name.

  • By using the real name, it helps to build trust among the community.
  • If your posts are well produced, you could earn a good reputation which leads to better opportunities.
  • Seeing your good post or work under your real name will get you some respect.
  • If you’re successful and you share your tough time and what you have overcome, you will get people to like you and you may gain more followers.

I feel a bit offended when I read one of the answers from Quora Forum, regarding the use of real name online:

Hiding your real name or attempting to use an alter ego won’t get you very far. By using your real name, you are not hiding behind a mask when communicating with others.

It’s like using the alter ego is not real. In my case, I am not trying to hide or something. I choose Cha Niki as my pen and artist name because the name holds special meaning to me. It’s the nickname given by my parents. Instead of Nessa (my shorter name) they call me Cha (pronounce like ‘Cha’-rity) When I heard people call me Cha, instead of Nessa, I feel they are like family members. Niki is derived from Aneki. Aneki is a Japanese word means, an older sister.

Recently I read one post written by Digital Deepak, saying that “Is it legal and ethical to start a blog under a fake name?”He continued, “It is perfectly legal. There is no law that states that you have to be your true self when writing. If you start a blog under the pen name, then you can just start writing without worrying about negative comments.”

I think I get it. I feel assured. I understand really well my level of English writing and art skills. As an aspiring blogger and artist that manage to write 40 articles since 2017 until recent date so far and probably less than 300 artworks since 2014, I think under the name of Cha Niki is a perfect setting for practice ground.

I have to build my confidence. I will write as much as I can for the purpose of adding some good values, not only for myself but to others. I will create more artwork to improve my art skills. That’s the only way to become a better blogger and artist over time.

So, this is it.

There is no limit to become how good you can be. Over the years, I will still think, “Am I good enough? Can I call myself The Blogger? Can I call myself De Artist? How do my skills developed so far? Maybe I will write about this again in future. InshaAllah. Evaluating myself again.

Do I still need to write a blog and create artwork under the name of Cha Niki? Or use my real name after a certain period of time. All I can do now is giving myself some time to think and let me decide about it later.

What do you think of this?

Β©Cha Niki. 2019