This is what happened.

Have you experienced; you were really enjoyed writing your draft. The idea was really got into you. You can’t wait but to sit down at your desk and begin to write. The words move in as in a stream. Everything felt perfectly fine until somebody interrupted you.

You had to stop. You had to put aside your writing for a while. To settle whatever needed to be settled. At this point, you had no idea what have you done. You distracted. You discussed to that person until the clock reached 5 pm. After everything settled, you looked at your clock,

‘Oh. It’s time to go home’

You sang happily and unintentionally switched off your PC. You totally forgot to save your document. You just click the exit and cancel button – finally shut down your PC. You returned home to your daily house routine without realizing that you had done one silly mistake.

The next morning, you wanted to work on your draft. To edit. You click the file to open it and…

‘Huh! What? Where is it?!’

It’s not there! It’s blank! You scrolled upside down, hoping to see if you wrote the content somewhere. All left was the previous edited content that already been published. The latest draft was not there…

You stare at the screen. At the keyboard. You sighed. ‘oh boy…’

You take a deep breath. You get up, make some coffee and look for somebody to talk to. Just to get rid of the awful feeling.

You returned to your desk after spend some time to chit chat with your friend. You take a minute to look at your keyboard, ‘The words are still there. All I have to do is to look for them’ and you begin again.

But this time is not the same. This time you have learned one valuable lesson. Save. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT BEFORE SHUT DOWN YOUR PC and WHEN IT’S GONE, DO NOT FREAK OUT. Keep calm and coffee first. Heheh..

Lesson Well Learnt.

Β©Cha Niki. 2019