There Is No Short Cut To Excellence.

You develop real expertise, you figure out really hard problems. It all takes time. It is longer than you expected. You got to apply your skills and produce goods or service that valuable and helpful to people.

The most important thing is determination is about working on something you really care, not only you falling love in what you do but you have to stay in love. When you care about someone, you have to love that person dearly and stay in love as long as you live. Be loyal to that person.

How Intensely You Are Committed To Your Goal?

No matter how enthusiast you can be, but to endure, to commit, to devote all your energy, focus and time to do what you love to do consistently is the hardest part.

Perhaps, you might think that you have a very clear of where you wanted to be. But one thing you don’t realize, your passion might be changed if you moving into new situations. Situations that will test your resolve. If you don’t stay true to your main goal, whatever you do later, you will be diverted to somewhere else. You start to feel difficult, discouraging, scary, lazy and upset. Finally, you stop.

This is where you start to question yourself.

Do You Have a Life Philosophy?

You might say, you have a lot of things you’re pursuing. A lot of goals. A lot of projects. Which one?

Mine too. And yet, none of them, I confidently answer: THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

Why. Why is like that?

Maybe because I do not clearly understand my level of the goal?

My goal, your goal – is not about what you want to get done today, or tomorrow, or after a week, after a month or even this year. It is about what you are trying to get out of life. About your true passion.

My philosophy is: I strive for progress. Not perfection.

Yeah. What kind of progress we are talking about? It took a while for me to figure out what. What I am aiming for.

You Have To Have A Philosophy. A Motto of Life.

Your life philosophy will become your life auxiliary. You hold to that rope. Never let go of it. Or else, you will sleep forever in your dreamless dream. You must wake up to work out your vision.

How exactly life philosophy can support your goal?

When you clear about your life philosophy, it will give you hints. A well-defined philosophy helps you to come out with guidelines and you will see the boundaries that keep you on the track.

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