“What keeps me going is goals” Muhammad Ali

To reach your main goal, you must accomplish multiple levels of goal. From the lowest level of goal to several layers of mid-level goal, and finally the highest level of goal. You must take quite a number of steps before you reach the top of the stair.

For example. You strive to be a great artist. 1st, you get up early in the morning to prepare for your breakfast. Then, you go to work on time. You finished all the tasks given by your boss or at least you completed all the urgent matters. Why do you care about that? You care because you want to return home happy and less stress from having too much work for the next day.

Next, you cook for dinner and watch a movie with your family. Why is that important? Because you want your family’s necessity fulfilled first. Then you can work on your artwork without worrying about anything.

Day after day, week after week, months turn to years. You devoted your life energy to your goal. Of course, there will be obstacles that try to stop you from moving forward. But your life philosophy, your life auxiliary will ensure you keep running on the same track.

You will fall down. You probably need to rest. You may cry because it’s so hard and painful for you. You may need to walk or to crawl.

But, all matter is; you strive for progress. Not perfection.

So, even if small and slow progress, you made a lot of mistakes, the struggles you face, but as long as you keep doing little by little – it is still progress.

Having a clear vision of how to get to your successful future, considered two things that will cost you: short term and long term result. Short term, you feel great about your aspiration to be a great artist. In the long term, you may live with the disappointment of not having achieved your goal.

What if Having More Than One Ultimate Goal?

But what if you have more than one ultimate goal? Do you think you can possibly achieve it?

For example to become a great artist and a successful tailor. Having two ultimate goals is not easy. There seems never to be enough time, energy and attention to pour in all that. This will create pressure.

At this point, you are going to make a choice. Focusing on art or devoting solely on tailoring?

Look in your everyday life. In every waking moment in your life should be guided by one top-level goal.

Write down on a piece of paper all the project you’re currently working on. This will help you to prioritize. Sort out how interesting and important and these projects are.

Prioritize your goal. You will see a better chance of getting somewhere you really care about – A better chance of moving closer to where you want to be.

A structure of the lowest level of goals to the highest level of goal forms one goal hierarchy.

Set goals and stay focus on your priorities

When you see your goals organized in a hierarchy, you will realize that you cannot pursue every single goal in your list. Perhaps you are expected to abandon a few things you’re working very hard at this moment. Not all of them will work out.

I have to abandon my dream to become a tailor. I tried hard before. For 3 years. But when I start to love painting, I begin to focus my attention on artwork. Indeed, giving up on a lower level of goals sometimes necessary. It is giving you more power and energy to work hard on one ultimate goal.

Having all that said I am not giving up easily my tailoring skill. I only can think of tailoring will be a swap. It makes sense to switch your path because in long journey detours are to be expected.

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